Bugle Images
ACW Buglers' Forum The Buglers Role Bugler Contacts The Calls Resources Links Bugle Images Have you ever wondered what an original Civil War bugle looked like? Have you ever considered owning one? You'll find images of bugles and trumpets here. Say! What are those valve-less 'trumpets' and what is a trumpeter, anyway??

Traditionally European Cavalry forces used Valveless TRUMPETS in the key of Eb. And European Infantry forces used Bb Bugles (or Jaeger/Hunting Horns (think French Horn without valves)).

When we COPIED, note for note, the European calls and adopted them for our own use we also copied the instruments....but raised them up a Whole Step. F Trumpets not Eb (Eb to E = 1/2 Step, E to F = 1/2 step). C clairons, not Bb (Bb to B = 1/2 step, B to C = 1/2 step).

    Here are the Three Types of non valved instrument you see in photograph's of ACW Buglers or would find in a collection of original ACW artifacts:

    Clairon d'Ordonnance (big belled Civil War bugles)  Key of C, some Bb (brought in by Lyons & Healy)

    Officer's Bugles (made in America) Key of Bb

    Cavalry Trumpets (no valves) Key of F, and G

    NOTE: we still cannot find any evidence that the British Model 1855 Duty Bugle in Bb (we call this a BDB: British Duty Bugle) was used by American Buglers during the American Civil War in camp or on the battle field. We also don't have any requisitions/contracts to Britain or it's Empire (Bahamas for example) for the BDB. We had our OWN Bb bugle design, thank you very much, and used those instead. When ONE BDB is discovered as a prop held in the hands of an ACW period bugler, then we will allow their use at reenactment during ambrotype sessions. Just because a GAR photograph of 'GrandPa' has a picture of a BDB in his hands does NOT mean that he used it during Pickett's Charge.

    Those buying BDB's from eBay as ACW originals from some 'NC estate' are hereby FORE WARNED. They ain't. I'll sell you all the original BDB's you can carry for $65 each (and make money at it).